For your oil logistics, Recommend SEP Congo !


SEP Congo is the oil logistics expert in DRC since 1910. The company manages the reception of imported oil products and forwards them to its storage depots from where they are delivered to the partners. Throughout this process, SEP Congo controls the quality of products with compliance analyzes carried out at the arrival of the tankers and in every storage depot. The company guarantees the safety of their storage and transport, controls the transfer rules, the environment and people protection, according to strict international standards.


SEP Congo has more than a century of expertise which guarantees to the mining companies a quality service, from the storage of their consumption petroleum products to the complete management of all their oil storage depots. Thanks to its 4 modern laboratories, one is located in Lubumbashi, SEP Congo proposes to clients a certification service for imported oil to ensure the proper functioning of equipment, the continuity of activities and the durability of the operating tool.

Mining Package

SEP Congo provides a range of logistics services dedicated to mining companies :

• Full management of oil storage depots
• Engineering and maintenance work
• Installation of fire defense systems
• Stock management
• Compliance analyzes
• Delivery from our storage depots
• Stock Consignment «Pay as you consume!»

On demand service can be set up according to the needs of the client.

HSE Results

SEP Congo performs HSE results at the same level of international major companies. The current TRIR is 0.69. The company’s fleet of oil trucks complies with ADR regulations and is fully equipped with onboard computers (OBC). SEP Congo trains its drivers following the APTH modules with regular challenges and Safe Driver campaigns. The management and transport systems (I3SRS & SMT) of all depots and bases of the company are internationally certified. SEP Congo participates each year in the World Day for Safety and Health at Work (SafeDay) celebrated April 28th.

Schools and workshops train your employees in all oil logistics jobs, starting with mechanics to driving, through fire defense and compliance with HSE standards. A highly qualified technical staff is at your service to upgrade your teams. SEP Congo runs the only driving school in DRC dedicated to the training of truck drivers specialized in the transportation of flammable products.

Client benefits
• Guaranteed quality
• Equipment durability
• Security of supply
• Focus on core business
• Best quality-price ratio